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Gift is a present or something which you give away to express love, appreciation, gratitude towards someone. Corporate gift is a present that a company gives to their business partners or customers to show appreciation of the good working relationship.

Giving corporate gifts is a form of marketing strategy. This is to make sure that your company presence is felt and you are always at the top of your customer's mind. Research has shown that it take 7 times more effort to solicit for new customer as compared to maintaining a pleasant relationship with existing clients. It is this important group of people keep your company going and growing.

Some companies in Singapore offer corporate gifts specially to their own employees such as mugs, pens, diary, and note books. This is to create a sense of belonging and strengthen corporate identity. At the same time it is a token of appreciation for their hard work. This will also increase the loyalty towards the organisation.

Mega Niche offers various products which:
- Customized Uniforms - Custom Golf Shirts - Leather Card Holder
- Leather Products - Golf Accessories - Oriental Products
- IT Accessories - Wind Breakers - Scarves
- Watches - Polo Shirts - Cufflinks
- Bags - Shirts - Ties
- Pens - Vests  
Why Choose Mega Niche Singapore Corporate Gifts?

There are many corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore that is specialised in different products. We're top consultants to give you fresh and innovative ideas of corporate gifts that marks with good impression and brandings. We are specialised in custom golf shirts and leather card holder. For the past 20 years we have serviced numerous happy customers from government bodies, MNCs, Institutions and banks and more…

Singapore Airlines, Temasek Holdings, Keppel Groups, PSA, FedEx, DHL, Motorola, Nokia, SingTel

Standard Chartered, HSBC, DBS, OCBC, UOB

Singapore Pools, CPF Board, Land Transportation Authority

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